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The flames of Ritual Candles radiate four sumptuous essences, each one corresponding to the elements of the signs of the Zodiac. Body and mind are in constant need of different stimulus. Let’s treat ourselves with a magical moment and enhance the benefits of the massage with these candles. Indulge in the fresh marine fragrance of Acqua, the exhilarating bouquet of Aria, the sensual warmth of Fuoco, and the spicy scent of Terra.The massage will turn into a new delightful experience.

Almond oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter: the finest gifts from nature enclosed in a candle to take care of the body. The candle’s flames melt these splendid and selected substances which, through the massage, have nourishing, toning and intensely hydrating effects on the skin. Let’s pamper ourselves with the massage which is right for us.


Ritual Candle Massage 90min begins to peeling the body and follow by special massage technique.


60 min - 960,- Kč
90 min - 1320,- Kč